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Mikhail will be at the Ann Arbor Artisan and Farmer's market all Saturdays during the months of November and December. If you have a special or unusually large order please send it to us beforehand and Mikhail will bring it with him to the market!


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Please note that Chris will be overseas for the last week of November and the first couple of weeks in December. Accordingly, all mail orders that are received between now and December 18 will be shipped on December 19 (which will still arrive at their destinations a few days before Christmas). < > For those who are interested in getting certified to commercially forage wild mushrooms sign up for a workshop at


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Growing edible, gourmet mushrooms has, historically, been a venture ill suited for the home grower. The expensive cost and time required for equipment, training and labor made gourmet mushroom growing impractical for the average home cultivator. All of that has now changed. Easygrow Mushroom Kits are designed to allow any home gardener the opportunity to grow delicious, gourmet mushrooms with a minimal input of expense and labor. Someone with little or no prior skill in mushroom growing can quickly become an expert cultivator.

All Easygrow Mushroom Kits are pre-inoculated/seeded with a specific mushroom culture of established vigor and reliability. The indoor kits (Shiitake, Oyster, Enoki and Reishi) are fruited inside the house, while the outdoor kits (Morel and Composter) are seeded into a bed of substrate somewhere outside the home. All kits come with easy-to-follow instructions, and are guaranteed to provide prolific amounts of gourmet mushrooms-as well as weeks (to years) of thought-provoking entertainment!



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