Winter 2017

Mikhail will be at the Ann Arbor Artisan and Farmer's market all Saturdays during the months of November and December. If you have a special or unusually large order please send it to us beforehand and Mikhail will bring it with him to the market!


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Please note that Chris will be overseas for the last week of November and the first couple of weeks in December. Accordingly, all mail orders that are received between now and December 18 will be shipped on December 19 (which will still arrive at their destinations a few days before Christmas). < > For those who are interested in getting certified to commercially forage wild mushrooms sign up for a workshop at


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Easygrow Mushroom Kits

Winter 2017

Growing delicious, edible, gourmet mushrooms has, in the past, been a venture that was not well suited for the average home grower. The expensive cost of equipment needed, as well as the extensive knowledge and labor required, made gourmet mushroom growing impractical. Fortunately, those days are in the past. The Easygrow line of mushroom grow kits are inexpensive, prolific, and very easy to use. Someone with little or absolutely no prior experience or skill in mushroom growing can quickly become an expert home cultivator. All the mushrooms that are produced from our kits are edible. They are also mighty delicious!

Many of our mushroom kits not only produce abundant crops of mouthwatering, gourmet mushrooms, but they also have great environmental attributes as well. For example, the Composter mushroom garden, once established, is a great tool for recycling yard debris (especially wood waste such as sticks, twigs and chips). The nutrients and minerals locked up in excess wood waste can efficiently be recycled back to your land and flora. Accordingly, converting wood and other yard debris into delicious, gourmet mushrooms is not only good for your table, it is good for your environment as well.

Whatever your reason for growing mushrooms, be it environmental or culinary (or a little of both!), we are sure you will enjoy using our kits. All of the kits are guaranteed to produce. We are confident that you will enjoy great success growing fantastic, delectable mushrooms!

Look for Easygrow Mushrooms at a Farmer's Market near you. We are now operational at select Farmer's Market's in Michigan, including:

  • Ann Arbor Farmer's Market

Hope to see you there!




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